A firm ready to attack the most complicated, difficult cases

Science and Law combined to serve those who need justice.


Founded in 2009 and with offices in both Dallas and Houston, Texas. The Law Office of Sandy McCorquodale, P.C., is a firm with an expansive scope that focuses on cases in areas such as industrial accidents, on-the-job injuries, mass disasters, and disputes among business owners. Committed to representing clients in cases so complex that they might turn other firms away.

We enlist the expertise of professionals with training in areas such as sciences and insurance claim handling to handle complicated cases with a fully educated background. We are prepared to handle any case our clients present us with, and we will work to see them to a satisfying conclusion.

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Our Practice Areas

No matter your case, we will work hard to reach a satisfying conclusion for you.


Our Process to Help You

As a firm, organization and precision are essential to us, and these qualities drive everything we do. No matter the type of case, there are steps to follow to achieve successful outcomes:

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First consultation: This step is all about connection and establishing a bond of trust such that we can work together effectively and efficiently in laying out the basics and pursuing your claim.

Developing the Facts: We collect the documentary and testimonial evidence that is essential in proving and defending your claim productively and adeptly.

Claim Resolution: Your claim will be resolved through mediation or court action. We know the productive ways to handle conversations with insurance companies about fair compensation.

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Different backgrounds combined to bring your case the expertise it needs.

What’s Unique About Us


We have over 40 years of experience which allows us to take on a vast array of cases, from business disputes to mass torts to industrial accidents.

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We are extensively prepared in a vast range of areas. From chemistry and biology to insurance and accounting. Our prior experience has taught us how to efficiently handle a wide variety of cases.

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We understand how aggressive legal battles can be. We understand … And we are fully capable of dealing with aggressive litigation appropriately without risking the ire of the Court.

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