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mass disasters

Major disasters and large-scale accidents savage their victims in many ways. Coordinating and prosecuting the victims’ claims for their losses in wide-scale, preventable catastrophes require smart, aggressive lawyers. The defendants and insurance companies see these as high-stakes cases and often are willing to spend enormous amounts of money on defending the cases. 

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The law firm works to achieve justice efficiently and expeditiously for the law firm’s clients in these substantial litigations, often involving coordinated proceedings and multi-district litigation. Each disaster case the law firm handles involves distinct and complex issues that require particular focus and experience for success. The law firm brings fearless advocacy to the table.

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Facing the aftermath of a mass disaster? You’re not alone. Our experienced attorneys are here to guide you through the legal complexities. Contact us today for compassionate support and expert representation.

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The firm has provided legal assistance to many victims of mass disasters, including the ammonium nitrate fertilizer explosion in West, Texas, and the Hurricane Rita Evacuation Bus Fire Litigation. The law firm has represented victims who were killed, blinded, crippled, maimed and disabled in these disasters. the law firm’s clients also included the victims of psychological trauma, those who thought they were going to die, and those suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) long after the event. Many had a long and difficult road to any recovery of the life they had before the disaster.