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When to Contact a Lawyer for an On-the-Job Injury in Texas

After a workplace injury, you may wonder when you should contact an attorney. There are several steps you should take, but you have never done this before. When do you contact an attorney for an on-the-job injury in Texas? The answer: as soon as possible after your injury.

At the Law Office of Sandy McCorquodale P.C., our experienced team has integral knowledge of the Texas workers’ compensation system. We can answer your questions and help you file your claim appropriately.

Reasons You Need a Texas Workers’ Compensation Attorney

There are many situations where you need a workers’ compensation attorney by your side. If you face any pushback from your employer or the workers’ compensation system, it can seem impossible to get through all of the red tape and roadblocks they throw your way.

You need help from a workers’ compensation attorney if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

Your Work Is Delaying Your Claim

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After a work injury, you must notify your employer as quickly as possible. Speak to a supervisor and follow all employer rules about how to report a work accident. The employer is then supposed to file the appropriate paperwork with their insurer.

However, many employers try to delay your claim to negatively affect it. They may hope you give up or that valuable evidence is lost.

The Claim Is Denied

If your claim is denied, that is not the end of the road. Insurers often hope you will give up after a denial. Instead, an experienced worker injury lawyer can file an appeal to the decision and work through the administrative process to continue seeking compensation for your work injury.

You Suffer a Permanent or Temporary Disability

Many work injuries are serious enough to cause a temporary or permanent disability. These disabilities can limit your ability to work. It may mean you have to change jobs or cannot work at all. Proving a disability requires specific evidence and employers often push back on disability claims in an attempt to save money.

You Suffer From a Preexisting Condition

If you have a preexisting condition, your employer may attempt to blame that condition for your symptoms. This is an attempt to avoid payment for your work-related injury, despite the fact that it was actually caused because of it. An attorney can help combat this common but unfair tactic.

You Struggle To Get the Treatment You Need

Your work injury may require surgery, long term rehabilitation, or other medical treatment. The workers’ compensation system may attempt to deny coverage for these necessary procedures, especially if they are more expensive. Surgical procedures are often denied coverage initially in the hope that you will pay for it yourself.

Your Employer Retaliates Against You for Filing a Claim

It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against you for filing an appropriate claim. They may not fire you, demote you, or take other punishing actions just because you filed a claim.

Your Employer Says Workers’ Compensation Does Not Apply To You

Texas is different from most other states because it does not require that employers use the workers’ compensation system. Instead, they can choose to use typical personal injury processes instead.

However, employers and supervisors often misunderstand or are untruthful about what protections you have. Regardless, a Texas worker injury attorney knows which path is best for you and how to pursue compensation in your case.

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A Texas work injury can be frustrating, painful, and costly. An experienced attorney knows how to pursue compensation for you through the worker’s compensation system or through other legal means.

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